Lesson Info

The information below will help you prepare for your first piano lesson! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Lessons are held at my piano studio in my home in Winchester, VA near Big Lots off Milwood Pike, or you can go through downtown and come in on Cork Street/Senseny Rd. Please park just past the stop sign in front of my house. Make sure students exit the vehicle on the right side onto the sidewalk as it is a very busy intersection. Please do not park in front of my neighbor’s house. 


My desire is to help students accomplish all of their musical goals. I recommend that students practice 30 minutes a day for at least five days a week, students preparing for college 60 minutes, and beginning and younger students 15-20 minutes per day. If students leave their music out on the piano they tend to practice more.

Waiting/Sick Policy- NEW this year! 

All students and family members please sanitize your hands upon entering the house. Hand sanitizer will be available on the table by the door. Please NO student or family member with ANY symptoms of any illness will be permitted. 

    • STUDENTS NEED TO BE FEVER FREE FOR 48 hours before returning to piano. Students will need to wash their hands in the bathroom immediately before their lesson. Please enter and exit the basement quietly as to not disturb the student before and after you. Families may quietly wait in the waiting area on the couches next to the piano or in the side room in the basement during their own lesson time. If you are my first student of the day, please wait in your car until your assigned time, I am not available to start early. For all others, if you are early to your lesson, please wait in your car, or quietly in my side school room as to not disturb the family before you sitting at the piano. Please quietly exit quickly as you can as your lesson ends.  Parents may drop off students and go run errands or wait in their car. Well-behaved siblings are welcome to wait unsupervised while they are waiting for their turn. For siblings who would like to do homework while they are waiting, I have a desk area in the side room they are welcome to use. If you bring food with you, you are welcome to use my dining room upstairs.


Tuition is due monthly at the first lesson and is the same each month regardless of how many lessons are in the month. Tuition cost details are under the “schedule” tab. Tuition is based on how many lessons a student will have over the course of the school year. Some days have more lessons that’s why there is a difference in cost for different days. For more serious students, longer lessons are available. During the months of September through May, you will have your own weekly, assigned piano slot. I do not give refunds or credit for lessons missed due to illness, school or sports activities, weather, or any other reason. If Frederick County Public Schools are closed due to snow/ice, I will most likely also be closed. I offer a Piano Party (10 student limit) once a quarter on a Saturday, 10:30-12:00 for a group lesson make up day. It consists of a peer performance and review, game/craft, snack, and a music history lesson. If you do not need the make up lesson, but still want to participate the cost is $10 if I have not reached the 10 student limit. If I have to cancel a lesson based on my own emergency, you will receive a make up day for that (probably in June).

Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month. Please pay cash, check (made to Jenny Richardson), by PayPal on the last page of this website. Please contact me via text or phone call to let me know as soon as possible if you cannot be at your lesson. Students who do not show up for any three lessons without contacting me will be dropped. 

Summer lessons are handled a little differently. Students sign up for an appointment under the “Summer Schedule” tab on this website for the times they want to come to piano and tuition is $100/5 lessons, and then $20 for any additional days. There are no assigned spots during the summer. 


Students need to have these materials at each lesson and at home to practice:
-Metronome (or download a free app)
-Spiral Notebook (or I will give an assignment sheet)
-Folder for loose assignment and music sheets
-All of the books you are currently in (even if you didn’t have an assignment in them the week before)

Performance Dates to Remember for 2022-2023:

October 29 – FESTIVAL for PP-E2 levels

December – Christmas Recital TBA *this is an optional performance*

March 4 – FESTIVAL for E3 levels and higher

June 3 -(Tentative) Spring Piano Recital and Awards, 3:00 and 5:00, reception is at 4:00. The recital will be held at Woodbine Assembly of God (626 Rest Church Rd. Clear Brooke, VA 22624) *all students that are able are encouraged to perform*

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